Thursday, March 29, 2012

Song of the Moment| ..make sure you are Thursday..

Thursday.. The Stand Out..

Suit: (Thrifted) Burberry - Navy; Shirt: Thomas Pink - Light Blue and White Gingham French Cuff Shirt; Tie: YSL - Orange;  Belt: Salvatore Ferragamo; Cuff links: Merona - Silver; Shoes: Aldo - Brown

" this morning, the sun was out, and I wanted to stand out, what better way to do that with a gingham shirt and an orange YSL tie.." - T.D.E

Wednesday.. Three the Hard Way: The Grey..

..the full outfit.. best for outdoors
Jacket: (Thrifted) Leather Members Only - Grey; Sleeveless: H&M - Black; Shirt: Uniqlo - Black and White Checkered; Tie: GAP - Black and Silver; Pants: Merona (Target) - Silver; Shoes: Aldo - Black

..keep the hoodie on.. best for chilly spots indoors or nice days outdoors..
Sleeveless: H&M - Black; Shirt: Uniqlo - Black and White Checkered; Tie: GAP - Black and Silver; Pants: Merona (Target) - Silver; Shoes: Aldo - Black

..or, just sport the shirt and tie..
Shirt: Uniqlo - Black and White Checkered; Tie: GAP - Black and Silver; Pants: Merona (Target) - Silver; Shoes: Aldo - Black

"..this outfit was perfect, the weather started cold, so I threw on a light leather jacket and ended pretty warm.. what this proves is that you can come up with many different looks, by wearing the same outfit.." - T.D.E

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 of the moment.. | Ski Beatz - Frontin' (Feat. Tabi Bonney)

..stylish video caught my attention early this morning, besides the models in the background.. Tabi shows off his debonair appeal.. - T.D.E

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday.. Winter's Return..

Blazer: Thrifted Ralph Lauren Wool; Shirt: H&M; Bow Tie:, Sweater: J.Crew Wool, Pants: Ralph Lauren Corduroy

..almost thought Winter was done for good, until this morning, good thing I didnt move the heavy materials into the attic..  - T.D.E.

Monday, December 26, 2011 years party? try sporting a double-breasted suit..

With X-Mas gone, its time to get our party on and ring in 2012.. what other way to do that but with a double-breasted suit.  The double Breasted suit is a blast from the past that came back just as we needed to add a little class in our attire (hey, that rhymed).. The folks at GQ know all too well how to sport this stylish suit.. but maybe you want to stand out.. no problem.. check out this video:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

...4 more days left!!! | Debonair Last Minute Gifts..

..its 4 more days left til xmas and you haven’t gotten that perfect gift for Dad, Uncle, Son.. well don’t open that bottle of whiskey just yet... Here are a few ideas for last minute xmas gifts..

Sid Mashburn Silk Grenadine Tie
 Versatile, vibrant, and effortlessly dapper. There isn't a suit you can't rock with this tie from Atlanta's preeminent menswear maven.

$95, available at

'80s Cell Phone Case
 Just as cell phones are reaching micro size, you may be asking yourself why you'd want to expand the size of yours. Easy: This is a Zack Morris classic!

$20, available at

The Hill-side Camouflage Pocket Square
 This was a banner year for camo, but bolder is not always better. To capture a hint of that Nick Wooster style, try this pocket square.

$40, available at

Jay-Z's The Blueprint 10th Anniversary Vinyl
Hard to believe it's been 10 years since Jay released his seminal classic. And what better way to experience the crackle and hiss of the album's dusty soul samples than on wax.

$36, available at

Lands' End Canvas 1963 Travel Kit
No traveling man is set without a dopp kit. This simple, but sturdy version from Lands' End will have you moving in style.

$30, available at

Quentin Tarantino-Inspired Limited Edition Prints
 These prints are associated with two words that make any gift great: Limited edition. Not to mention they celebrate one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

$10, available at

Yamaha PDX-11 Portable Speaker
 Getting great speakers for a friend is secretly a gift for you. Visit their crib, listen in. After hearing your favorite jams on these, you'll probably just budge and buy your own. Bonus: They're convenient for toting around.

$100, available at