Monday, July 12, 2010

07/11/2010 - Williamsburg Brooklyn...

Vintage Members Only Leather Jacket

A Friend of mine wanted me to find a jacket for the Fall that is retro and tough.. with a hint of sexy.. well here goes.. the members only leather jacket speaks cool, sexy and retro.  Perfect with a pair of Jeans and a V Neck T-Shirt/ Vintage T-Shirt for the weekend or with a pair of slacks and shirt with tie for the business causal look for Fall.

Gucci French Cuff Off White Shirt with Ruffles

I know.. I know Ruffles? At first when I saw this shirt, I said the same thing to myself.. however, I pictured myself in a trendy NYC nightclub wearing a black suit and this shirt... and it made sense.. the folks at Gucci.. made a very sexy shirt.. and only the most of confident Men.. can wear it.. I recommend this shirt only for play at night that is... and its safe to pair with a black suit.. 

Cotton Two Button Blazer (Navy and Grey Pinstripe)

A Summer Essential.. the cotton blazer is probably a must for anyone trying to keep your summer nights cool and classy... pair these with jeans at night and a t-shirt for a sporty look, or with a pair of khakis and a shirt and tie. 

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