Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photo Editorial: The Most Stylish Black Men I Know.. Part 2: Young Obama

Here are some rare pictures from Time Magazine of United States President Barack Obama from his 20s.. he was spotted by an up and coming photographer.. who knew that this guy would become President of the United States... his style back then is just as it is now.. smooth, laid back and easy:

Young Mr. Obama shows us the state of swagger

..you can see the confidence in his face and smile.

..notice the outfit- cabaret shirt, jeans and fedora holding a cigarette, very simple, cool but with so much attitude and statement


..although this is a cool pic, the debonair extraordinare thinks smoking kills..
but man.. is this a cool pic or what?


  1. luv that shot of Obama..Cool site Mr. Debonair..

  2. i love love the setup and the music. great job Carl

  3. It's too bad he turned out to be the worst person to ever occupy the White House...he had the chance to change the world for the better, instead he opted for everything Islamic and he continues to protect this ruthless oligarchy called the religion of peace.