Monday, August 30, 2010

When 'Gangstas' Dress like Gangsters: 'Takers' - Clothes That Made The Men

It didn't take much work to transform the stars of 'Takers' into a Debonair set of bank robbers. With Idris Elba, T.I., Michael Ealy, Chris Brown, Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen, it's no surprise that styling the actors for the action thriller was quite easy-and fun-for costume designer Maya Lieberman.

I love the fact that for a modern bank heist movie, the style of dress is classy, mature and sexy.. It kinda reminds me of the 1920s gangster movies, If you havent heard about the movie, below are some pics from the movie that make robbing a bank look... Debonair:

Impeccably clothed as if they stepped off the pages of GQ, Ealy, Christensen and Elba donned crisp Versace and Gucci suits as an infamous group of clever bank robbers in 'Takers. If i had to pick a particular characters style of dress in this flick it would had to be Christensen: the hat is classic and brings out personality with the bow tie and 3 piece suit.. how could you go wrong? Remember, always stay with a classic look.

As the leader of the pack, Elba was outfitted in a wardrobe that made his character, Gordon Betts, stand out from the rest. This outfit is perfect for a black tie affair in the summer months.

The only member of the group imprisoned for an earlier job, Ghost, played by T.I. also wore Versace for most of the film. Even with a slimmer build than the others, the rapper still commands attention.  What makes T.I. look soo Debonair in anything he wears is simple.. he wears his size.. almost everything is tapered.  FYI folks! The Baggy look is soo 90s.. if your 30+ and rocking a baggy anything you need to stop.

Ealy's blue eyes to decide what garments would best fit his character. "Michael has light eyes, so we went with blues and silvers for him," says Lieberman of Ealy who wore a blue Gucci suit during his nightclub scene with Zoe Saldana (in a Collette Dinnigan mini-dress).

A gun-toting Chris Brown was dressed in edgier pieces like John Varvatos jackets and motorcycle boots. "Because Chris is young, we wanted to dress him in trendier styles," Lieberman says. "His clothes gave him more of a rock and roll style."

Definitely a good looking cast with the wardrobe to fit the characters, We can all learn a lil in Swagger 101 by watching the actors wardrobe in this movie.. the designer said it best "We wanted to show that the guys are high-end bank robbers who can walk away from a job in Dolce & Gabbana".

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  1. The persons that was in the photos are so cool, wearing mens suits as gangsters are awesome, gangsters may be so dangerous but because some of them are in suits, you cant notice that they are part of the gangster.