Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"..and we all Fall down.." : My Personal Favorite Items for Fall 2010..

Yes! Its finally here.. falling leaves, cool weather, leather jacket and scarves.. Its Fall, my favorite season.. not only cause its the season of my Birthday, but its the season where you can wear a shirt and blazer and accessorize it with a scarf, or wear a cool leather jacket to define your swagger. 

During the past month, I've been doing alot of shopping.. not to mention working on the Debonair Extraordinaire Men's Boutique (Coming Oct 1st, 2010) and while "stocking up" for this Fall, I've come across some extraordinary items that will be sure to have people Fall(ing) for you..

The Ralph Lauren Tweed Blazer

I found one with suede patches by the elbows at a Goodwill store in Lancaster, PA, its funny how I saw the tweed blazer at a Ralph Lauren Outlet for around $300.00.. mine only cost $4.50! Again the #1 rule is that you don't have to spend alot to get the look you want.. where do you think these designers get their ideas from? The Tweed Blazer is a classic, the official blazer of fall.. it classy, urban and will never go out of style.. not to mention it will hold its own on the windy Fall mornings.  Wear one like this with a light v-neck sweater, shirt and tie, and you can leave the topcoat at home.

The Burberry 2 Piece Raincoat

Imagine on your lunch break you decide to hit up a local consignment shop (Beacon's Closet on 5th Ave, Brooklyn NYC - Park Slope) and find one of the worlds most expensive raincoats (retails over $1,000) for around $35.00. Well that's what happened to me, I came across a Burberry Raincoat and was in awe.. not at the brand, nor the price, but of all the wonderful outings we will have.  Perfect for the weekends:  Dark Jeans, Loafers, Sweater and Shirt = Very Urban, Wear it with a Suit and you cant go wrong.  Perfect for not looking like you came in from the rain.. but more like you were well prepared for it.. discovering this item goes down as one of my best finds.

Long Sleeved Ralph Lauren (RL) Rugby Shirt

Honestly, I have to say that I haven't been a fan of the RL Rugby craze that has been taken over NYC this past summer. But when I was at the RL Factory Store in Lancaster, PA this shirt got my attention.. it feels tough to wear alone in the Fall weather, and the color is perfect to wear with dark blue jeans or khakis with a blazer. A cool concept is to wear a shirt under the rugby shirt (see above), in the preppy circuit this style has been in effect for ages and still is the hippest technique at ivy league establishments. 

GAP Chambray Shirt

The Chambray Shirt is probably one of the surprise items I have purchased in the recent month, It can be worn with a Blazer and Khakis, Suit and Tie or Darker Jeans. Inspired by Blue Collar worker and worn by the Dandiest of souls.. the chambray shirt is one of those shirts you can wear in Summer or Fall.

The Debonair Extraordinaire (DE) Leather Jacket

I literally felt like Iron Man, putting on a new suit.. and transforming into someone amazing.. the DE leather jacket (this one in electric blue - retail $100 | speaks volumes.. made to be worn for work or play.. either way people will see your not the ordinary guy.  Inspired by the designs of vintage motorcycle jackets with an edgy twist, this jacket speaks Fall with a suttle tone.. very urban, wear with a dark tie, light color shirt, jeans and/or slacks and its like you never have to wear anything else again.

The Debonair Extraordinaire (DE) Hoodie

For those days you just want to run an errand, but also make a statement.. this is the item for you.. or if you don't wanna wear a jacket, blazer and want to go with something relaxed but chic? Look no further.  The DE Hoodie is the best seller for a reason, its what everyone wants.. its comfortable, its warm and most important.. its different.  The one in Gray, retails for $35.00 at is definitely a must have for the Fall season. Wear this one with a shirt and tie, Button down shirt and Jeans and/or slacks and your sure to stand out.


  1. Hi! omg! I love that blue jacket (The Debonair Extraordinaire (DE) Leather Jacket) and the white one with hoodie! I would totally buy those for my bf!!!:)

  2. Great blog! Love your background!
    The blue leather jacket and the hoodie are!