Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion/Designer Showcase: J. Crew/ Frank Muytjen

Hello Everyone!, I know you haven't heard from me like in a week, but with good reason.. The Debonair Extraordinaire Men's Online Boutique ( has launched and has been received well, not to mention nearly all inventory has sold out! But why didn't anyone tell me its indeed very hard to maintain not to mention start up a fashion store. So as appreciation of the success of my store, everyday this week I will profile different stores and their look.

Here are a list of the stores/ designers:

- Tuesday (H&M)

- Wednesday (Express Fashion)

- Thursday (Polo Ralph Lauren)

- Friday (J. Crew)

- Saturday (Zara)

- Sunday (Uniqlo)

- Monday (Debonair Extraordinaire)

J.Crew is an American retailer specializing in women's, men's and children's apparel, footwear and accessories. The business includes retail and factory stores nationwide and an online and catalog business.  Below is a look at J. Crews 2010 Fall Collection:

J.Crew Designer, Frank Muytjens, has turned this brand around since his start in 2008. In addition to curating the Liquor Store retail concept in New York, Muytjens has also worked with a number of different brands on collaborations with J.Crew ranging from Quoddy to Superior Labor to Barbour to Belstaf. The Fall 2010 Collection will feature a wide selection of apparel, accessories, and footwear including the must have item of this year, a chambray workshirt.

J. Crew clothes are getting cooler and cooler. There are a lot of brands out there with a few gems to be had at low prices, but this brand is a gem in itself. The combinations are as easy as they are endless, and the quality rivals that of clothing that is priced two or three times as much. I'll be stocking up my fall wardrobe with plenty of J.Crew this year...

Muytjen creates a good mix of casual and formal, although the no sock/rolled cuffs is getting a bit predictable. Pamphlets with these pictures should be handed out to high school seniors to combat the pandemic of athletic wear as everyday wear on college campuses. Though it does make it easy to set yourself apart.

How do you feel about J. Crew's Fall Collection? Let me know, by adding a comment at the bottom.

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