Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fashion/Designer Showcase: Zara

Hello Everyone!, I know you haven't heard from me like in a week, but with good reason.. The Debonair Extraordinaire Men's Online Boutique ( has launched and has been received well, not to mention nearly all inventory has sold out! But why didn't anyone tell me its indeed very hard to maintain not to mention start up a fashion store. So as appreciation of the success of my store, everyday this week I will profile different stores and their look.

Here are a list of the stores/ designers:

- Tuesday (H&M)

- Wednesday (Express Fashion)

- Thursday (Polo Ralph Lauren)

- Friday (J. Crew)

- Saturday (Zara)

- Sunday (Uniqlo)

- Monday (Debonair Extraordinaire)

At Zara, design is conceived as a process that is closely linked to the public. Information from our stores is constantly transmitted to a design team made up of over 200 professionals, informing them of our customers' needs and concerns.

Zara is in step with society, dressing the ideas, trends and tastes that society itself has developed. That is the key to its success among people, cultures and generations that, despite their differences, all share a special feeling for fashion.

The first Zara store opened to the public in A Coruña (North-Western Spain) in 1975. Over the following decade it continued to open new stores throughout Spain. In 1988 it debuted in Porto (Portugal), and in the next few years, the first stores were opened outside the Iberian Peninsula, in New York (1989) and Paris (1990). This was the beginning of a process leading up to the current presence in 73 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. It success among people, cultures and generations which, despite their differences, all share a special feeling for fashion lies in the conviction that national frontiers are no impediment to sharing a single fashion culture.

The usual way of entering a new market is to start with a small number of stores, which can explore the possibilities of a specific country in order to gain a critical mass of customers. The new formats incorporated into the Group since 1991 share the same international approach as Zara -in fact, that is one of their fundamental characteristics. As a result, all of them have grown simultaneously in Spain and in other countries. In most cases, Zara has been the first chain to break into new countries, accumulating experience which has helped the later implementation of the rest of the concepts. This accumulated experience has also allowed the accelerated international expansion of the more recently created chains.

I am a huge ZARA fan. I love how simple yet stylish their clothes are, and for me it's always a good choice for those days when I have to rush out the door first thing in the morning - go to school, work, maybe a few client meetings - it works all throughout my day. Take a look at the video after the jump:

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