Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh.. You Trendy Huh? | 2010 - 2011: Fall and Winter Trend Watch - Part I

So, now the temperature is dropping slowly.. and the leaves are fallen and as you start to slowly but surely take out items from last Autumn/ Winter storage.. you ask yourself, what do you need to buy to update your wardrobe? Well The Debonaire Extraordinaire has been looking.. and came across these trends:

The Three Piece Suit

Some guys are a little fearful of this look because they think it might be too Wall Street for them. But with labels making beautiful, modern three-piece suits, that couldn't be further from the truth. You'll find that it's really just a few bucks more than a two-piece, and the big extra you get is a vest—which keeps you looking sharp when you remove your jacket. This season's best three-pieces definitely have a rakish look to them.

The Biker Jacket

Leather biker jackets were everywhere on the fall runways. The best ones were pretty much carbon copies of the originals—with high armholes and cut very slim and tight, to break the wind properly when riding. But designers did amp them up a bit. The leather is thinner, for example, and a lot of the zippers have been tarnished and blackened so you don't have that overly zipper-y, Michael Jackson-like feel. The Designers all maintain the personality and the history of the original, but give the jacket a more stealth-like appearance, with more quieted-down detailing. But remember: It is a biker jacket, so you have to be a guy who doesn't mind having a dose of rock-'n'-roll toughness in your wardrobe to pull it off.

The Modern Peacoat

I think that from now until the end of time, peacoats will always be in style. So if you don't have one in your wardrobe, go out and get it. I was impressed by all the varieties this season. Obviously we saw army-blanket wools, and meltons, and classic navys with brass buttons. But we also had the introduction of the camel peacoat, and leather and moleskin versions. Our rule of thumb: Always pop the collar.

Tweed (The Fabric)

This is still the season of the tweed sports jacket, but we've also seen tweed in everything from a Moncler down-filled jacket to a pair of tweed duck boots from Ralph Lauren to an exploded herringbone tweed coat from Louis Vuitton. Let's face it: Winters are only getting colder, and it's time to invest in something with a little more heft.

Dark Colored Khakis

I've always thought that guys are either jeans men or khaki men, and up until this season there's been a bit of a division between the two camps. But now designers from Band of Outsiders and Unis to The Gap and J.Crew are introducing khakis in darker colors. I think that's an exciting thing, because now there's a pant you can team with a blue blazer or a heavyweight knit or a corduroy jean jacket—they stand up to all those fall fabrics. I love khakis, but if you have a shade that's too light, it can look like you're wearing something held over from the summer. Our favorites of the new breed come in gray, black, olive green, and deep tan.

The Chunky Scarf

Used to be that wearing a scarf was kind of a drag, a function-only kind of thing. And, traditionally, scarves are something Europeans know how to wear a little bit better than Americans. But I think it's all changing now, because there are so many great-looking scarves out there, and so many creative ways to knot them and loop them and wrap them and tie them. When the weather starts getting cold—but not cold enough that you need a full-on coat—a knit, ribbed scarf looks amazing with your tweed sports jacket or suit. Put the collar of your jacket up and slip on a pair of gloves, and you're ready to brave the elements.

Surely this is not the complete list, but I will definitely keep you up to date, my question is what you do think is the newest trend for this season? Send a comment.. let me know.


  1. wow!! nice stuff. where can i purchase?

    btw, in one of those last photos, thats the nicest double breasted suit i've seen in year. are far leap from the Niles Kramer look.

  2. Nice things... will show my husband later on... and second I'm in loveeee with the music on your blog!! great job!!

  3. Nice pics! 3 piece suits now days are way far from the wall street association, actually if you walk on wall street you will barely find guys who knows how to sport it right, i love 3 piece suits and hope i needed to wear them more.
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