Friday, November 26, 2010

Day #12: ..leftover day.. | The Debonair 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge

Day #12: ..leftover day..

The Debonair 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge

The day after Thanksgiving and yes I had to go to work.. but what the heck, at least it was casual "jeans" Friday.  So therefore the famous Japanese Denim Jeans was a must, the weather was rain and wind.. so i wore my H&M raincoat.. this coat is unique, it doesn't look like your traditional rain gear, it sorta looks like something in Medieval times, brown with a hint of maroon plaid design this raincoat i got last Fall from H&M is a hit.  Of course I couldn't wear it all day so i put on the Debonair Extraordinaire Cardigan and H&M plaid shirt.. the thing about leftovers is that they always taste better the second time around.. and so does wearing these items.. they get better and better with every combination.

The Outfit

  • Raincoat - (Brown) H&M
  • Cardigan - (Blue/Black) Debonair Extraordinaire
  • Shirt - (Various Blue Plaid) H&M
  • Jeans - (Japanese Denim) GAP
  • Shoes - (Blue) Converse Chuck Taylors

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  1. wow, great outfits and photography!! do you do your own photography?? its awesome.. nice to see a male fashion blogger doing the challenge!! You rea rockin it thats for sure...

    am a new follower so wil be back to visit for sure and I am always looking for male inspiration that I can pass on to my male friends who are looking to ramp up the wardrobe!!!

    waving hello from Victoria BC Canada!! Happy thanksgiving!!!