Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day #2: feeling gray.. | The Debonair 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge

Day #2: feeling gray..

The Debonair 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge


.. the weather in NYC wasn't as muggy as it was very cloudy, I cant help the fact that I dress like my mood, so i was expecting a very blah day.  So today was a Gray day.. however, the weather didn't take away my creative/ trendy style.. so I decided to wear a bow tie to live things up, very in style.. usually identified for Muslims and old college professors, I wanted something retro to go along with the H&M military style shirt that I got from the thrift store; so I paired it with a wool blazer and gray pants that's one half of a flannel suit. To match the military shirt, instead of wearing a suit belt, I wore a big buckle black belt, to give that military uniformed look.  The socks was a transition from gray to black.. and finally, how to put it all together.. that's right the scarf.. assorted colors of black and gray.. prefect to complete the outfit.

See, Gray doesn't have to be a "downer" color.. done correctly, its a modern look and what I mostly love about this color is that you could play around with the different shades of gray..

The Outfit

  • 100% Wool Blazer - (Charcoal) Thrift Store
  • H&M Military Shirt - (Gray and White Striped) Thirft Store
  • Bow Tie - (Black) H&M
  • Belt - (Black) DKNY
  • Flannel Pants (1/2 of Two Piece Suit) - (Gray) Brooks Brothers
  • Socks - (Gray) H&M
  • Lace Up Shoes - (Black) Stacy Adams
  • Messenger Bag - (Black) Coach

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