Monday, November 22, 2010

Day #6: ..saturday night live.. | The Debonair 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge

Day #6: ..saturday night live..

The Debonair 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge

..its dark, cool and the lights are out, the city is pumping of energy and everyone is looking to relax, live it up and get a drink.. its saturday night! I was invited to a game night at my friends house, the vibe was cool, very youthful.. so i decided to wear something a little more playful.. for starters i wore my blue framed glasses, H&M blue/grey checker shirt, blue wool harris tweed blazer, jeans and of course the classic chuck taylors... but to seal the deal, i finished it with a bow tie.. i wanted to give off a look that says I'm not like everyone else.. i think in fashion we let too many people dictate how we should dress, and whats acceptable or not.. i say, dress the way you feel.. and how you see yourself.. and most important.. have fun!

The Outfit
  • Blazer - (Blue) Orvis Harris Tweed Wool
  • Shirt - (Blue/White/Gray) H&M Easy Iron Shirt
  • Bow Tie - (Black) H&M
  • Belt - (Black) DKNY
  • Jeans - (Jap. Denim Blue) GAP
  • Shoes - (Blue/White) Converse Chuck Taylors


  1. I just found your blog from Kendi's 30 for are awesome. Dapper, polished, and very very debonair! Okay, those were all synonyms, but seriously, can you give style lessons to every guy I know?

  2. I'm another visitor via Kendi's 30/30. Love the looks on your site!

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