Wednesday, November 10, 2010

..has anyone noticed the new Hilfiger ads? | Go Preppy! this Fall/ Winter

I subscribe to a few magazines, and couldn't help but notice the New Tommy Hilfiger Fall/ Winter Ads known as " Meet the Hilfigers"

The campaign always has caught my eye.. maybe its something about fall and that first-day-of-school nostalgia makes his “twisted preppy,” collegiate-tailgate images particularly appealing: it's all camel and cable and corduroy...

You can go on the site to Meet the Hilfigers, for quirky descriptions that recall the cast of a Wes Anderson film. There’s Sam, the table-tennis champion (until a jam in the door of the Wagoneer dashed his hopes); Chloe, the child-prodigy who loves purple and bites her nails; Gracie the Columbia-grad-school dropout and urban farmer; and two basset hounds, Morgan IV and Morgan V; among many others.

The Preppy look is classic American and really is an easy look to pull off, just remember Layers..layers..layers.  I like the outfits in the ads, and the play on colors.. classic comebacks like the dufflecoat and "penny" loafers make more than one appearance in the spread.  But you don't have to be a Hilfiger to pull of this look here are some key pieces GQ Magazine suggests to get your Preppy look complete:

Don't Shine Those Pennies!

"The more beat-up penny loafers are, the better they are."

Go Radical, Not Avuncular

"A cardigan can look Mister Rogers or very cool. It's about length: You've got to wear it a little shorter so it hits right at the waist. And always leave the top button and the bottom button or two undone."

Take It Off the Field

"Preppy style has a lot to do with sports. You think of a rugby shirt, you think of a letter jacket—sporty pieces that aren't actually for the field or the court."

Lay It On Thick

"In the winter, the key to preppy style is layering. Start with a tee or a thermal. Then layer on an unbuttoned flannel and a sweater or jacket. Then tie it up with a scarf." 


The classic preppy fall fabrics—corduroy, cashmere, flannel, oxford, tweed—are all-natural, and they get better with age. Ask yourself, is this something I'll wear for years to come? Let me know how you feel about this look, by adding a comment.

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  1. Strange coincidence- I went to a new mall today and stopped in front of the Hilfiger window display. I was impressed because I usually turn to Ralph Lauren for the classic preppy look, but Tommy Hilfiger is stepping it up this year.