Friday, December 3, 2010

Day #19: ..bundle up.. | The Debonair 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge

Day #19: ..bundle up..
The Debonair 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge


..winter comes a knocking, it was a cold day..especially on my way to work, it was time to bundle up! For folks who may not know what I'm talking about it means to dress in layers.. The blazer I got from the thrift store is used as a coat for outdoors and a sports coat for indoors.. the cardigan is like insulation from the outdoor elements and the shirt and tie just compliments the cardigan..

This is my first time wearing one of those finger-less gloves, they are cool.. the only thing is that you gotta make sure its from a brand that's good, or the quality is a good one.. or else the fabric will start to come out of place, it was easy to text and get keys without feeling my hands are numb.  Also, i wore my Eskimo hat, it was weird and still gets some getting use to, however i cant complain my head was very warm..

The Outfit

  • Wool Blazer - (Charcoal) Thrift
  • Cardigan - (Blue and Black) Debonair Extraordinaire
  • Shirt - (Various Blue) H&M
  • Pants - (Gray and White Pinstripe) Thrift
  • Hat - (Black) Perry Ellis America
  • Gloves - (Black) H&M
  • Sunglasses - (Brown Tint) Beacons Closet
  • Shoes - (Brown) Aldo
  • Belt - (Tan Brown) H&M
  • Messenger Bag - (Various Brown) Gift


  1. ALL your layers are chic, quite impressing :)

  2. Please start a women's line... PLEEEEEAAAAASE..

  3. I love seeing men who look stylish despite the cold. So often you see those terrible pseudo-ski jackets and the like layered overtop of work clothes and fancy dress. I really enjoy your style. Über much.