Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Encore: Day #31 | the holiday party..

Encore: Day #31 | the holiday party
an afternoon with ralph lauren, corduroy everything and eggnog..

..OK, tis the time for your job annual holiday company party - remember? where management assures you that you can "let loose" and when you get there its kinda like a third grade school dance.. everyone separated from the dance floor and people fall into little groups of their "circle".  Recently, I attended my Holiday Party, however unlike most of you, mine was during the day and oh yes, there was work to be done after.. so what do you do?

Well, I decided to go with a more festive look and now that the 30 Day Debonair Challenge was over (whew) I was able to wear my Red Ralph Lauren Corduroy Blazer, Navy Ralph Lauren V-Neck Sweater, Green Ralph Lauren Corduroy Pants (yes Green) and Ralph Lauren Blue Shirt.. now I know its a very preppy/ country club look, but it sends a message - I'm in the holiday spirit! and when i take off my blazer I'm back to work.. what do you think?

  • Corduroy Blazer - (Red) Ralph Lauren
  • Corduroy Pants - (Green) Ralph Lauren
  • V- Neck Sweater - (Navy) Ralph Lauren
  • Cotton Shirt - (Light Blue) Ralph Lauren
  • Raincoat - (Brown) H&M
  • Cashmere Wool Scarf - Burberry

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  1. Wunderbar! It seems daytime holiday fetes are the norm these days. So underwhelming.