Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fashion Icon: Micheal Jackson | The King of Style

It's no surprise that Michael Jackson had not only a great influence in music and dance, but in fashion as well. He didn't follow the trends, he created them. The original skinny jeans wearer, the hipster before hipsters even appeared, inventor of the clothes mullet... and the iconic military jacket.

.With one glove, Michael Jackson influenced the world. And now the world has lost an icon not only in music, but in fashion as well. His simple yet flashy style was as compelling as his music.

Even as a child, Michael was creating a trend that evolved his entire life. He was a stylish young man of the seventies, with his afro and well put together looks, including vests with wide collared shirts, printed and striped pants, and suits. He was quite the little fashion plate, even at eleven years old. After separating from the Jackson Five, he started developing his own sense of fashion. Unbeknown to him, soon fans all over the world would imitate his look.

 Back in 2005 during his trial days, Michael Jackson never wore the same thing twice and his courtroom clothes were made each day, his costume designers have revealed.

Back in 2005 during his trial days, Michael never wore a piece twice, his fabulous suits were made for him by his long-time designers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins.

 Thank you MJ for the music and your style.. as we could see your style will always live on forever..

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