Thursday, January 13, 2011 know its winter when.. | a look at the art of surviving the cold

..I know, I know.. where have I been?  After the 30 Day Challenge I took some "time off" to think of cool ideas for the blog and also work on the debonair extraordinaire | mens fashion boutique, if you haven't checked it out yet tisk tisk... what are you waiting for?

Well 2011 is here and so is old man winter.. wow.. and did he come in with a bang.. I couldn't help but notice that even though its cold and horrible outside.. some folks look like the weather.  It is possible friends to look your best even when old man Winter has his elements set on you.. here are a few looks..

..the art of the bundle, I said it once and ill say it a million times. bundle bundle.  notice that this Gent stayed only to earth tones.. the first time I've seen a leather jacket under a hunters coat.. but it flows soo well.

this is more of a modern look.. surely you might get looks for folks who aren't up on it.. but wearing a vest over your suit is a very hot look, this is NYC all the way.. keep it simple.. the vest already makes a statement that you want to look hot even in the cold.

this pic got my attention because I'm one for wearing my blazer collar up on certain occasions but I never seen a logo that endorses such a look.. very cool.

..its all about the scarf.. there are probably hundreds of ways to wear one of them.. find one that's your own and your good to go.

I like how the scarf in this look is an accessory to the outfit.. the picture says it all..

here's the thing.. I for one love the fingerless glove, make sure its a good brand you purchase or you might totally have that homeless look downpacked.

the simple additions to an item.. makes or break your outfit.. this emblem is a perfect example of one that is making the outfit it goes so well with his tweed plaid blazer.

Whats your opinion? Do you have a favorite look for this season? If so, share with us below in the comment section..

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  1. The outfit in the first photo is absolutely incredible... I love it!!