Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring is Here.. | 2011 Spring Fashion Trends..

...yes its that time again.. you know the days when the air is just right, and your wishing you can find some way to get outta work early.. when the women start to show a little skin and its okay to travel with just your suit on.. yes Spring is here.. and to help you get ready I found some Spring Fashion Trends..

The Woven Belt

So a few years ago we really told guys to go for the confident no-belt look. The good thing about a belt though is that it's a finishing touch, like a pocket square is for a business look. Woven belts give an outfit some rugged authenticity. They have some casual attitude and for that reason are more of a summer accessory. Don't worry about matching the color of the leather to your shoes. They look great with a pair of Jack Purcell's or a pair of beat up boots. Buy one a little bigger. When the tail hangs down a little bit, it gives you some swagger. The other great thing about a braided belt: you don't have to worry if your waistline expands!

No Tie? No Problem

This trend definitely has its roots in the 80s. Think Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in Rainman. It's totally clean, modern, and minimalist. Everyone from Patrik Ervell and Jil Sander to Simon Spurr pulled it off on the runway. Buttoning that top bottom gives you a little fashion edge. You can do it with a suit or just with a shirt. In that case, try rolling the sleeves up


The Eye-Grabbing Cardigan

By now, we shouldn't have to sell you on cardigans. You know how versatile they are. The new graphic ones popping up everywhere this Spring are an update though because they have so much more personality, a thing that is great in the summer when you're probably relying on that white oxford and khakis a lot of days. Look for a cardigan that is tipped with a contrasting color or has horizontal stripes. One of these will add a fresh pop of color to your summer wardrobe.


The Colored Chino

Up until recently there were guys who wore chinos and then guys who wore jeans. There's a new breed of chinos—with a slimmer fit and lower rise—that have made khakis cool again though. You can find them in almost any color and at any price point, too. Gap, Michael Bastian, Ralph Lauren Black Label—all of these folks are making great pairs that are a little washed and faded. Stay away from the ones with a more saturated, neon look. And wear them with a white oxford or a great dark plaid shirt. In other words, let the pants do the talking. Don't be afraid of rolling up the bottoms and going sockless with boat shoes either.


The Double-Breasted Sports Jacket

It's been sort of a new thing we've seen lately—guys breaking up the double-breasted suit. Lines are selling the jackets separately so you can pull this look off. This is definitely for guys with a lot of confidence and style. If that's you, look for one that is lightweight, trim, and cut shorter. That way, you can rock it buttoned up or completely open, which is a little unexpected. Whether you wear it with a tie or just a t-shirt, these make you look so elegant.


Clear Skies, Gray Jeans

Gray jeans should be your go-to jean for the summer. In most cases, they're washed, worn-in, and lighter-weight. Once you get used to them, you realize they go with almost everything too. For starters, try them with a super soft tee (or something a bit rumpled) and a pair of suede moccasins or designer sneakers


The Dressier Sports Coat

A sports coat is something you really need to have in your summer wardrobe. You might be thinking "but what kind of pants do I wear with it?" Here's the answer to that problem. You want the pants to be dressed to the jacket. So, if you have a pale tobacco jacket, go for a dark pant. If you have a dark jacket, opt for a lighter pant. In other words, if you're trying to match the color value of the jacket, you're heading in the wrong direction. The great thing about sports jackets this season too is that they're much more structured and elegant than they have been in the past. If you work in a more casual office setting, you can definitely rock this to work instead of a suit.


 The Linen Suit

My big mantra for the linen suit is this: Embrace the wrinkles! Be confident that these suits look better with them. And they keep you so cool even when it's 100 degrees outside. They're not just for blue-blood guys anymore. Designers all the way from Bastian and Prada to H&M are making great single- and double-breasted ones this season. They're also available in all types of colors and shades now. I prefer the ones that are on the lighter side.

The Mac

A fly-front mac, just a few inches above the knee, is the coat of the season. Most of them have really great waterproof coatings of wax, oil, or resin. Unlike a cotton khaki fashion raincoat, you'll stay dry and the jacket won't get weighed down. New technology has helped make these coats even more lightweight in fact. They travel better that way and the wax doesn't rub off on clothes in your suitcase. Consider one in a dark color. You can wear it on a cloudy day when it's not raining to top off those chillier Spring days


Suited to a Tee

This season, we finally saw a formula for the whole "t-shirt with a suit" look. First off, make sure you're not wearing a floppy pinstripe suit—even to work, but especially not with a tee. The key is to find a beautiful slim suit. As for the tee, think simple. Look, concert tees are great, but you don't put a Bowie tee under a peak-lapel Simon Spurr suit. That's a little too 2002. Go for a solid, stretched-out crew- or v-neck (nothing too plunging though). And please don't wear one of those plain beefy tees with the big wide banding. You spent all that money on a designer suit. Spring for the $50+ designer tee.



  1. Those suits are very eye catching, for me as a woman, I like men who were wearing those kind of mens suits, they were so fashionable, some of it are kinda casual but with formal look.

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