Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mission Makeover (Prom Edition): Case #919 - DeMarre most of you know, I own a pretty successful online boutique store and I also have this awesome blog (and would like to thank you for taking the time for reading it). In my circle, I’m the guy who everyone comes to for advice on what to wear to a certain event; or to pick an outfit that matches a certain bow tie, cufflink or ascot - so it was no surprise that I got the call I’ve been waiting for this Spring.. 

Meet DeMarre Conrad, Age 18, A Senior at Hillside High School in North Carolina and going to North Carolina A&T this Fall.

DeMarre Conrad


It was a normal evening in May and I get a call from my Daughter's Godmother that her nephew has his Senior Prom coming up and would like me to find him an outfit. Of course you know, I was like 'Hell Yea" but after hearing that I had a week to find him the outfit and he wanted to look like Mr. Fonzworth Bentley with a budget no more than $300.00 I was like "Hell No".. what if I mess up this kids Prom experience?! How would I live with myself? But if this is not a test as to what this blog is about then what is? So I accepted the task and guaranteed not only will I get him the outfit, I would accomplish his entire request within budget.


So I called DeMarre.. he answers with eagerness in his voice and not wasting time.. I ask "what can I do for you?" he replies ".. I want to be different at my Prom, NO tux, NO cummerbund, I want to look like Fonzworth Bentley!, I want a Preppy appeal at my Prom" For some of my international readers who don’t know who he is - Fonzworth Bentley is perhaps best known for being Diddys' aka Sean Combs former personal valet and assistant. He owns an Umbrella Line which is his signature accessory he walks with, Mr. Bentley currently has a mixtape out and is signed to Kanye West' G.O.O.D Music Label.

Fonzworth Bentley

 I explained to DeMarre that Mr. Bentley doesn’t have a look, it’s more of a style - he takes classic pieces and makes it his own. So if I were to mimic his "look" you would be a Mr. Bentley wanna be.. however the Preppy look I can do.  But how do i incorporate the preppy look for a senior prom? So after I immediately went to work. now let’s not forget that I live in NYC and DeMarre is in North Carolina (approx. 485 miles away) so I stress the most important aspect to dressing Preppy - WEAR YOUR SIZE! I advised DeMarre to go to Nordstrom’s, Men Warehouse, Jos. A. Bank and get properly fitted for Jacket, Pants and Shirt Size; that’s very important for the Preppiest look... it could actually make or break the outfit.

 THE HUNT I got the sizes, I got the look, and I found out his date is wearing a blue dress.. with only a week til the big day.. let’s shop for the outfit.. so where does one go for the Preppy look this season? Tommy Hilfiger! You can’t lose with Hilfiger, his new Preppy line is affordable, classic and chic - and the straight fit chino in platoon blue ($59.00) was the best choice.. the chino is cool, bright and tailored with a lean, clean-cut fit.

Tommy Hilfiger - straight fit chino in platoon blue

 So now that we got the pants, let’s get the Blazer, because this was a formal event - I decided to pair the chinos with a double breasted navy blazer ($137.00) from Jos A. Bank. The double breasted blazer is back in style as mentioned in my earlier post of trends for the Spring/Summer.. it has a preppy all in one appeal.

Jos A. Bank Signature  double breasted navy blazer

Well, since I was at Jos A. Bank, I figured why not smooth out the bold blue colors with a Jos A. Bank Pinpoint Solid Spread Collar French Cuff Shirt ($58.63). What I love about the shirts at Jos A. Bank is that it looks as crisp and neat at the end of the day as it did when you first put it on. A special process keeps these shirts virtually wrinkle-free and eliminates shrinking and fading. Single-needle construction, button-through sleeve placket, front placket. Extra-durable buttons. Simply the best shirt for your money.

Jos A. Bank Pinpoint Solid Spread Collar French Cuff Shirt

Ok.. so now we got the skeleton of the preppy look, let’s add the finishing touches, most important the tie.. without a doubt the word preppy wouldn’t mean anything without a bow tie, but with $254.63 already spent and with time running out, where do I find a bow tie to stand out but yet bring this outfit together? - the Shirt Grid Check - Mystic Blue/Black Cotton Bow Tie ($15.00) was the perfect choice, it complimented the Navy in the Blazer, Brought out with French cuff shirt without taking too much out of the chino pants, and for $15.00 you simply couldn’t find anything better for that price.

The Tie Bar - Pinpoint Solid Spread Collar French Cuff Shirt


 So, after reviewing everything I felt like this was the best choice. The cool thing about this outfit is that Demarrre can wear this again and again and the combinations are many with this look.. I think it’s worth the money because He can make the most out of this into his college years. It was on point with the Preppy look, I could see Fonzworth Bentley wearing this and it complimented his date. When showing DeMarre he was happy, he gave his approval and I couldn’t wait to see what the outcome would look like.

I did tell him to make sure you get the chino pants tailored properly, not everything online or in the store will fit you the way you want off the rack, so try it on at the tailor/dry cleaners and they would be able to give you the perfect fit, with the Blazer make sure that you tell the tailor/dry cleaners to lift the sleeves back a 1/2 inch to give more attention to your cufflinks - and speaking of cufflinks, make sure the tone matches that of the blazer buttons.. I don’t know.. it’s a pet-peeve of mine I don't like to see gold and silver mix..


 So.. today was the day.. it was like I was going to Prom... but worst cause I wasn’t in North Carolina.  I received a Text that said the pictures are up and thanks for making HIS night the best.. oh and by the way - he was crowned Prom King! OMG, I was on top of the world.. looking at the pics you would feel that way as well.. in such a short time, working on a budget and a very pricey look.. you ask yourself.. what will it look like.. well see for yourself:

DeMarre on his way to Prom - To our surprise it was really raining, the shoes was his idea and i think it was a good choice

DeMarre and His Date - He picked a Bow Tie that was a little lighter than the one I suggested, but it stood out & really brought out the blazer, notice the sleeves, just enough so that everyone sees the cufflinks.

Everything was coordinated even the car to the Prom!

Its not easy being a King.. could this day have not went better, the sash and crown match the outfit.. wow.

All and All the outfit looked GREAT!, with the addition of the White Shoes and Light Bow Tie it came together to give a Preppy/ Dandy look, I was proud of myself and I was happy DeMarre got the prom he wanted. the total price for everything was just under $300.00 - But to get this look and have a night where you leave a King, well that's priceless..



  1. Great job on the outfit C! I think he would have made the outfit pop if he had some other shoes though.

  2. you look great! the idea for photo is great :)

  3. That was a really great idea than other mens suits style. You really made your own style.

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