30 for 30 | A Closet Remix -The Debonair 30 Day (30 for 30) Closet Remix Challenge

The Debonair 30 Day (30 for 30) Closet Remix Challenge
Spring Edition 2012 (May 1st, 2012 - May 31st, 2012)

In December 2009 Blogger Kendi Lea started a style blog to document her daily style journey. By April 2010, she ran out of funds and had lost the original intent of her blog: to remix the contents of her closet. Kendi introduced the idea of remixing what was in her closet by the idea of the 30 for 30 Remix. "30 for 30" simply meant that the participaint would take 30 items and wear only those items into 30, (hopefully) stylish outfits.

"The whole point of the challenge is to show myself and readers that with a little bit of creativity, you can make what you have work for you" - T.D.E

How to take The Debonair 30 Day Closet Remix Challenge:

1. Pick 30 items or less from your closet (Shoes are included).

2. Remix the 30 items into 30 different outfits.

That's it! Well not entirely so..

3. Don't shop for 30 days.

Give up shopping for the duration of the challenge. Then take that money you've saved and take a bath in it. Or put it in a savings account, whatever you think is the more responsible choice.

Interested in joining in? If you don’t have 30 items in your closet, no problem. The best part of remixing is working with what you’ve got. If you’ve got it, let’s remix it. If you have more than 30 items, pick the items that make sense for this remix. This is a challenge to help you learn to shop your closet and to shop smartly. By being well-versed in what you already have, you will become a better shopper. No worries about getting the challenge "just right" -- you can not mess this up. (Unless you accidentally set fire to all of your clothes, then I don't know. That might be messing it up.)

If you decide to not shop during the challenge, I applaud your efforts. Two reasons I decide not to shop during the challenge: 1) so I learn to shop my own closet and 2) so I actually appreciate said-closet. So many times I've run out and bought a new shirt for one event or I bought something because I felt lacking and not what was in my closet. Obviously, this is not the best solution to a problem. I have found that when I limit myself with shopping, with 30 items, I become so much more aware of what I have versus what I need. By the end of the 30 days, I am ready to shop, but with new eyes of what I really need.

This challenge can be taken at any time. I tend to take on the 30 for 30 challenges to reset my brain or to shake up my closet.

Below was the Last Challenge I did on Monday Nov. 15 - Dec 15, 2010.